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I thought I could stay away until the new year, 
but while I am working away on a new project,
I am noticing things about some of my older props. 

Namely - the pillows.

I love these,
I hope you do too,
but I am getting really annoyed with the damned floating pillow (fig.1)
Originally made with flying carpets, apparently, it is designed to sit on couches and chairs..
Perhaps you love it. Great.
For those of you who would rather it sit on the floor
I have made a second version (fig. 3).

You'll need to use an OMSP* to place it on furniture
but this way you can place it on any number of things.

And the floor pillow (fig. 2) is great,
but it's huge.
Like - honkin'.
So for those of you who might like a second size,
I have made this mesh (fig. 4) a little smaller.

As a bonus, the smaller floor pillow is also getting 12 different overlays.

That's right bubbies - 12 new styles on the smaller mesh.
Kudos me. 
These 12 are culled from my favorite rugs 
from the already released rugs/ottoman sets.
Yup, you're counting correctly - the first one is CASt-able, so 13. 
I can count too - sheesh.

You won't need to ditch the old ones as this is a complimentary set.
Unless you don't like floating and huge pillows.

Oh yeah.
You might notice something new in some of the photos.
It's a sneak peak at what's to come.

Okay - until next year . . .  fer real this time.
Love ya, but I have got work to do.
Had a cold and it's eaten up some of my precious vacation.
So no hugs this time. Germs and all.
Besides - last time you nearly squeezed the life out of me.
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