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Arts Center In Boticas Nadir Afonso, Portugal

Nadir Afonso Arts Center designed by architect Luis Bravo is located in Boticas, Portugal. By exposing the art of Nadir Afonso a much larger audience and serve as an economic and cultural benefit to the local economy and the region surrounding the new museum aims to become a global destination. The fusion of landscape and architecture, the new green building is divided into two distinct, but related to urban cultural structure across the street from the municipal building to discuss the future of Boticas, while a park to ceilings, underground, exhibition against the rolling hills surrounding connects to your pastoral heritage.

The urban face of the building consists of a classroom on the double height entry, with an entrance on the second floor balcony offers an auditorium with 100 seats inside and outside an informal audience with a multipurpose room, gift shop and administrative space to support the civic stature of this booming city of Portugal.
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Small Museum Of Modern Art And Contemporary Outsider In Lille, France

Designed by Manuelle Gautrand ARCHITECTURE Modern Museum, Lille, contemporary art from outside and is located in Lille, France. The project aims to build the museum as a permanent entity and fluid, adding new rooms devoted to a collection of Art Brut works, a sliding motion which extrapolates existing spaces.

A complete renovation of the existing building was needed next, some parts were very worn. The architecture of the area surrounding the northern and eastern edges of agreement on long-range volumes rounded, fluid and organic. On the one hand, the section of fans in the folds of the veins near the home of a cafe that opens onto the courtyard, on the other, the ribs are separated to form the five galleries Art Brut collection.
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Floorometry, Floor Entrance, When The First Impressions And Performance Of The United States Of America

The entrance floor Floorometry, when the first impression and performance fabrics designed by Construction Specialties, Inc. is located in the United States. Construction Specialties study confirmed that these people have a wider range of material options, easy installation, maintenance more convenient and flexible modular building systems high-end/landmark mat. They were also seeking a deviation from the linear aspect which still dominates the market 43 years after the C / S has introduced the still popular Pedigrid Pedimat ® ® and floors (Pediluxe ®) input.

C / S Floorometry is developing, which categorically tekemistään aspirations of these professionals. Floorometry product offering is divided into four models, each with a different geometric configurations can be customized. Each model uses world-class finishing materials such as stainless steel mesh and weaves, granite, marble, terrazzo tile, a vibrant palette of recycled rubber and many other possibilities.
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Reservoirs Of Hope In San Jose

Containers of Hope, located in Saxony Benjamin Garcia Architecture, was designed by San Jose, Costa Rica. The designer has shared insightful information about his latest project, "Containers of Hope," which seamlessly transform two abandoned shipping containers in a house aesthetic.

Located in San Jose, Costa Rica, the residential project is due to close cooperation with customers and Saxe Gabriela Calvo, Marco Peralta, who began to construct the building itself. By placing two containers side by side, and the use of recycled metal parts to make the next roof, Saxony has created a sense of transparency in the internal volume, while ensuring cross ventilation which is said to eliminate the need for air conditioning.
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Dolben Street Mixed-use Scheme In London

Designed by Allies and Morrison, Dolbeer Street plan of mixed use is in London, UK. Furnished with a selection of apartments and studios, accommodation for students will be housed in two buildings - a six-storey block overlooking Great Suffolk Street and a tower of 13 floors down behind the perimeter of buildings. Shared facilities include a common room, furnished patio and a rooftop terrace with an adjacent lounge. The offices will be located in a block of six flats with its main entrance in Lavington Street.

The overall massing of development is defined by three different buildings. Thanks to the design of facades, which has a combination of fair wear masonry and aluminum, both the urban scale and detail in relation to street level and the wider context to ensure that of them fit well with the environment.
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