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Architecture + Design Asynsis

Designed by Nigel Anthony reading with Arup and Aedas, Asynsis Architecture + Design, horizontal wheel is located in Hong Kong, China. It is designed as an icon of sustainability due to its use of renewable wind, tidal and solar, and to be carbon neutral by offsetting carbon footprint of the building by planting trees in arid, drought-stricken areas in China. Hong Kong is likely to be a global hub for carbon trading, which combines the tower "Zhong" the Chinese character and "Phi" Greek letter represents the success of the "merger" of "one country - two systems", so immediately becomes a natural part of Hong Kong and viability as a symbolic identity must be the same as the Eiffel Tower is to Paris and the London Eye in London.
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Timberline Retreat Drawings Located In Melbourne, Australia

Designs a set of retired wood designed by architects Sally Draper is located in Melbourne, Australia. Westernport House is situated on a bluff forests around Westernport Bay. It celebrates the idea of ​​retirement, relaxation and "a simpler life in a busy family in Melbourne, their families and friends. The house is developed as an abstract sculpture layer rectangular and flat. On the side of the Street, overlap to provide a protective outer layer of the secret house.

The dichotomy between the elevation of the street and the north controlled by the more stylized look of the house reflects the aspirations of the two clients: a desire for privacy and solitude and an expression of welcome, inclusive and generous Italian Cultural context. A summer kitchen, pizza oven and a covered terrace for bottling wine and cooking tomato sauce annual crops in the garden. While the proper functioning of large groups of family and friends of the family is most comfortable for one partner, the configuration of zoning that allows you to be both big and intimate at different times.
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The New State-of-the-art Emergency Department In Santa Barbara, United States

The new state-of-the-art emergency department that is located in Santa Barbara, United States, was designed by architects HFP. Central station personnel have been developed over the visibility of the control of all inputs and trauma facilities. Secondary personal position was created in the northern corridor of personal communication. One of the receptionists and triage nurse greeted the arrival of each patient's room when they arrived at the ED, the triage nurse and taken immediately and the patient is given the patient's room, based on his / her analysis of severity of the patient's disease.

The concept was a scenario with no patient waiting and fast throughput rapid diagnostic results, shortening the length of patient stay. In addition, two isolation rooms have been developed with the device. One of the receiving yards /, allows the nurse to admit the patient to an isolation room without contaminating the interior of the emergency room.
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Effective Models Defy Recession In Bedfordview, South Africa

Located in Bedfordview, South Africa, powerful models to challenge the economic downturn is designed for A3 Architects (Pty) Ltd. The second important feature of the plant had improved the quality of stay for patients and visitors to technical and aesthetic level. Technical improvements mean better delivery of services, implementing the most modern digital equipment for diagnosis and treatment. Focused on the aesthetic to create an environment that was warm and welcoming to all people with the structure by means of natural and vibrant colors.

Green Park in Sandton is the largest project to date, with a diverse mix of functions - a retail center of the plant, a public plaza, 250 apartments, a 5-star hotel and office tower. The development consists of three high-rise towers face in a way that maximizes sunlight and views of residents. The design focuses on two aspects of the spectacular skyscrapers and urban spaces for pedestrians formed.
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Hilton Surfers Paradise In Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Designed by The Surfers Paradise Hilton Buchan Group is located in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. Buchan Group Architects recognized the two towers designed so that most of the interior of $ 700 million development. Their mission was to create a sophisticated hotel and residences, offering unparalleled service to the Gold Coast, capturing stunning views of the long white sand beach to the east and mountain ranges and winding channels at the west.

Buchan Group Director Gerry Holmes said the Hilton Surfers Paradise towers had been designed for simplicity of spirit, "a showcase for the buildings exterior design has a strong vertical dialogue between two towers and a significant difference, that each tower has its own identity.
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House Shelter, Group Homes For Disabled Residents Monochromatic Mental Zoetermeer, Netherlands

The safe house, the residence monochromatic community for residents with mental disabilities designed by Mohn + Bouman is in Zoetermeer, the Netherlands, the interaction of the building and of its inhabitants with the environment is governed by a white concrete platform, densely planted a screen of birches. Surrounding the building and its backgarden. In summer, trees provide shade in winter, they lose their leaves, allowing more light to enter the building. The building itself is dressed in black concrete elements.

On the corner of the building, the platform is raised white to introduce a large, wide open angle, the interaction with the surrounding space public. Here's a great social meeting and eating are dominant with related facilities. The main entrance is right here, right on the fold of the concrete platform. To guide the people inside, the fold is extented a rotating wall that leads to a connection to the organic form of an atrium on the first floor giving access to independent housing and a roof over the entry.
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Waddesdon Manor In Aylesbury Windmill Hill, United Kingdom

Designed by Stephen Marshall Architects LLP, Waddesdon Manor: the Windmill Hill located in Aylesbury, United Kingdom. Rothschild Foundation was heavily involved in philanthropy since 19 century, and Stephen Marshall Architects designed facility will allow the public to see the vast collection of archival Manor Estate and Family, without offering a central principle study, research and outreach in the arts, heritage, culture, conservation, environment and horticulture.

In the 1870s, built the Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild Waddesdon Manor - a great home where he could entertain the hordes of visitors - and it is in succession to the recently completed Waddesdon Windmill Hill is located. In 1957 James de Rothschild was the beautiful National Trust property "with intent to keep the home and its contents in perpetuity."
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First Development To Break Ground

3Beirut the first to innovate the development designed by Foster + Partners is located in Beirut, Lebanon. Built around direct pedestrian routes through the site, its design will connect the historic city center with the port in the Mediterranean. Podium level and surrounding areas outdoors offer a range of shops, cafes, restaurants, a gym, an art gallery and gardens.

Glass in the northern part of the tower offers spectacular views of the harbor, while the steps to the south by the height, including the towers in the urban grain. 3Beirut Torres will be the first city to green roofs, creating a unique residential development.
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Harpa Concert Hall And Conference Centre In Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik, Iceland, located in Harper Concert Hall and Convention Center, designed by architect Henning Larsen. Probably the most notable feature of the building is its facade kaleidoscopic, designed by Olafur Eliasson and HLA, which recently opened the installation "The Panorama of the Rainbow" is the Schmidt hammer lassen top ARoS Museum in Aarhus. The bright facade was inspired by the magnificent natural phenomenon of the Northern Lights and is constantly changing as the sun caught the edges at an acute angle.

The chief designer of HLA Ósbjørn Jacobsen explains: "The centerpiece of the facade of the three-dimensional structure of bricks near the southern part of the concert hall. The basic form of twelve-sided element was originally developed by Olafur Eliasson and Einar Thorsteinn cooperation partner. Based on this basic structure, have developed almost all the bricks (one to twelve faces to fill the steel and glass) in front of Harper.
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Museum Of The Built Environment In Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia was the museum of the built environment designed by architects FXFOWLE. As a public educational institution dedicated to the promotion of art and architecture in the built environment, it is imperative that the final concept is representative of the potential of the design industry. The museum will look to inform visitors about the social, economic and environmental shaping art forms in the Kingdom of urban rich in Saudi Arabia.

Prismatic laminated glass panels to create a pattern of textual changes at all levels of greater thickness of the complex, the outbreak of the Riad hot sun through its many windows angles. This change also allows FWFOWLE to control the intensity of light internally within the different sections of the interior.
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