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Contemporary Hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring

layer of flooring is two, three or more layers of wood glued together. The most superficial layer of flooring is better quality wood with a thickness 3.8 mm and each layer is located at 90 degrees to the previous one, which provides its strength. This type of flooring can be found on the market ready for installation option, varnished and stained.
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Modern Hardwood flooring

hardwood flooring

hardwood laminate flooring that uses a tongue and groove system. One hardwood laminate flooring board fits into the next lengthways and the friction of one against the other makes it too difficult to move the first hardwood laminate flooring board lengthways along the other for the first board to meet the next board at it’s end.
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Luxury Hardwood flooring

Modern hardwood flooring
Therefore the Z piece and hammer are needed to hammer one end of the first hardwood laminate flooring board so that it moves along the second board at it’s side into the end of the next board. Sounds confusing I know but once you look at the instructions that come with the hardwood laminate flooring, it will all become clear.
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Next you will need a knife to cut the underlay and a square and ruler to mark the lines along the hardwood laminate flooring boards at the point at which you will saw them.
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Timberflooring said...

Just gorgeous! I love the Luxury Hardwood flooring photo down in your post - it captures that moment in a big project at which I think "This is the best idea I wish I never had!" LOL! Glad you persisted - the final product is absolutely stunning.


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