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Williamstown High School In Victoria, Australia

The Williamstown High School was designed by Spowers located in Victoria, Australia. The emphasis on natural light and views of students about their local environment. Rainwater is collected through a highly visible pipes and tanks and used for toilet flushing and irrigation. tactile materials such as wood and masonry is exposed to the internal structure indicates that giving students an understanding of how their buildings are constructed.

One goal of this project is to find is that it has been chosen as one of six training centers in Australia for use as a driver for the Green Star Education rating tool. The project also won several awards, including the sustainability of prime minister in 2008 for public buildings, the 2008 Australian Interior Design Award for Sustainable Building and 2007 Best Overall & Best Secondary School School of Design in the School of Victorian Design Awards.
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Elder Conservatory Of Music In Adelaide, Australia

The Conservatory of Music Elder, designed by Adelaide, Australia is located in Adelaide, Australia. This project has consolidated a number of activities off-campus in a new location on campus and curriculum expanded to include Jazz and Contemporary Music Education. The university had a number of children abandoned, underused, aging facilities on campus and sought to put these functions in these buildings.

A key aspect of the design was to gather students around a central courtyard, so they can promote outdoor concerts at noon and practice sessions of the Woodhead Commission was to determine the "best fit" of these facilities, maximizing the number of rehearsal / practice.
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National Film Television School In Beaconsfield, UK

National Film & Television School in Beaconsfield, United Kingdom, was designed by Glenn Howells Architects. Although the quick identification of new teaching methods are housed, the proposed strategy is designed for more than a new building. In short, a new outdoor spaces to unify and improve the functioning of the school as a whole - this is a success.

The building design has been generated by the intention of making a clear and flexible with so few "solutions" as possible, allowing the school to continue to adapt and modify the space to meet their changing needs and maximizing interaction between students and staff make the building a meeting place on campus otherwise fragmented. This is essential for film students who have to work with a wide variety of disciplines to create their own year-end movie.
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BCIT Aerospace Technology Campus in Richmond, Canada

Located in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada, BCIT Aerospace Technology Campus, designed by Kasian. The brief also emphasized the need for a historic bridge on campus, a mechanism to combine theory and practice on learning and cons of attraction and retention of students and teachers. The client envisioned the creation of a "media-centric" sense of place aims to double the capacity of students, addresses ambient noise and provide a world class institution labeling Vancouver as a gateway for aerospace industry.

Classrooms, laboratories, workshops and housing are inextricably linked, the difference between theory and practice, and leaves the potential of innovation, revolutionary changes in teaching methods is limitless. Students are able to extract the air, to examine its components and prototypes for the space of inspiration, absorbing the information and to apply the skills acquired in a hurry.
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Figure Skating Arena In Sochi, Russia

Designed by Studio Zoppini Associati, Figure Skating / Short Track Arena is in Sochi, Russia. The facility was designed to accommodate sports and entertainment events, such as ice skating, baseball, gymnastics, tennis, shows, concerts, exhibitions, etc. When the retractable bleachers are closed, the field will be 99 × 67 meters.

The functional design is very simple: a main lounge access and services for VIPs, athletes, media and management in the north, for viewers in the south, east and west and plants in the corner block. The south facade is characterized by large windows overlooking the Olympic Park and the sea is characterized the north facade with large windows overlooking the Olympic Park and the mountains.
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