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A / ZC, Practice Is Based In Paris, Which Consists Of Young Architects From Around The World In Paris, France

Designed by AZC, A / ZC, the Paris-based practice is composed of young architects from around the world are in Paris, France. A / ZC was originally on small French town of Colmar, a position that gave them the comfort of being in the geographical center of Europe, and certainly not far from Switzerland. Four years later, he opened his new office in Paris, an important event for the vision they have of their profession: the architecture is tied to one place, the architects are not.

Members / ZC come from different countries and cultures, and went to the "World Tour" will never be mentally counting suitcases. The team consists of young architects from around the world, other than that they defend and maintain, which helps break down geographical and cultural boundaries and to be effective in their projects without resorting to preconceived notions.
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Conditions And Local Traditions And Modern Forms And Ideas In Singapore

The context and the traditions associated with contemporary forms and ideas developed by WOHA is in Singapore. Its School of the Arts of Singapore (completed October 2010) is a special school for visual and performing arts. The design strategy creates two horizontal layers visually connected, a public communications space below (which contains several rooms) and a controlled interaction space above (which contains naturally ventilated classrooms and studios).

This approach solves the twin objectives of porosity and communication and a safe learning environment. The Met, Bangkok (completed December 2009) examines the possibilities of high-rise living in the tropics. Instead of adopting the models developed in temperate countries, with a strong separation between inside and outside, this project explores how aspects of housing tropical low may be used to create outdoor spaces to inside in the sky.
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Urban A & O Pioneering Work Has Tested The Limits Of The Material And Shape The Development Of New Spatial Geometries In New York City, USA

Urban & O Innovative work has tested the limits of the material and shape of the new geometry of space, located in New York City, United States of America was designed by Urban & O. Water Planet Aquarium is a nuclear power, which will examine the diversity of life on Earth and creates a different habitat. The exhibition focuses on water and how life adapts to many different water conditions and the states - the extreme abundance and scarcity, stillness and movement, and salinity of freshness, warmth and cold.

The solid construction of the water planet of new visual cues, conceptual and creative in the design of aquarium. It offers visitors the opportunity to touch the water in many countries - such as fog, steam, liquid and jelly - and the patterns of exposure and tactile surfaces incarnation and sensuality of water. The exhibition includes livestock and powerful media to make complex natural phenomena within the reach of young visitors and families.
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Washington Convention Center In Washington DC, USA

Located in Washington DC, USA, Washington Convention Center has been designed by Foster + Partners. compound reflect the urban sensibility with a distinctly contemporary, these small blocks designed to "bridge of new connections between the historic districts, residential neighborhoods north and south dominated commercial office developments.

Trees along the road should be replanted with native species in line with the traditional urban planning in Washington and the classic "globe" lights strewn along the route. Many of the original eighteenth century alleys expanded and rejuvenated the former glory to encourage local residents proud of the heritage of their city.

Alongside four units elegant new building designed by Foster + Partners, includes the master plan, a number of hotels, offices, apartments, restaurants and shops connected by pedestrian streets lined with leaves.
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A Small Architectural Firm To Produce A Significant Impact On The Private Sector In London, United Kingdom

Designed by Paul O + small architectural practice of architecture to have a significant impact on private residential buildings in London. Designing a modern form of language use of traditional materials, Paul O + Architects projects are characterized by a rigorous approach and attention to detail that delivers an uncompromising quality. It is the building in the urban or rural, historic and modern, an integral part of any development planning of the project, the portfolio of unique buildings.

The practice offers a comprehensive architecture services with expertise extends to include landscaping, layout and design of custom furniture and fixtures to ensure the provision of buildings and places of design integrity, both inside and outside.
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Arianne Seat Offers Incredible Comfort

Arianne is a new modular concept gives the essence of the '60s. Comfort has not always been a place determined by the level of affection and a high price. Its low seat creates a different atmosphere, offering incredible comfort. It can be done only in a tissue, or play with different designs and plains of each module.
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Amazing Songjiang Hotel - Five Star Hotel Resort

The Songjiang Hotel is a luxury hotel that is well designed and has complete facilities and services. This is a charming hotel that has never existed anywhere in the world is in a mine, but it seems the ship Ruang always gives the impression of luxury for visitors. This extraordinary hotel, you will feel comfortable with a majestic setting. The Songjiang Hotel will be a five star resort hotel near wonderful career filled with water in Shanghai, China.
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A Floating Hotel In Southern Africa - Queen Of The Zambezi

This unique hotel is one that has never existed in this world, this floating hotel on the water. The hotel is designed especially for visitors who love adventure. exotic atmosphere and beautiful scenery will accompany your trip until you feel more comfortable. you will get a special service and you will certainly enjoy the luxurious interior. This is a floating hotel in southern Africa who are trying to show you the beauty offered by the African Great Chobe.

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Luxury Hotel Luxor Pyramid

Luxuries offered by this hotel makes you feel like a pyramid. This hotel is one of the hotel is designed like a pyramid. The hotel is equipped with a Spinx that was across the street. If you feel you can visit the hotel inside the pyramid. This hotel also offers facilities and services that make you feel comfortable it is. Luxor Pyramid Hotel invites you to discover its 4,204 rooms and suites are furnished with Egyptian accents and facilities for entertainment and relaxation.

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Matali Crasset Modern Sofa Campegine

Contemporary sofa was designed by French designer Matali Crass, the Italian furniture Campeggio. The design is well suited to modern interiors, perfect for those who have a dynamic lifestyle because it serves several purposes at once, without taking much space. There are no mechanisms of hi-tech in it, but thanks to seven sections to be easily converted into two seats, a full-on exhibitions and several alternatives seats. The sofa is designed to offer comfort is not passive but active.
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