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Vertical Sustainable District Proposed In New York, USA

The vertical design of sustainable neighborhood solus4 Project is located in New York, USA. The entire complex was created under the principles of sustainable neighborhood Solus4 Cooperation Initiative (SNCI), which ensures that all members of the design team works in an equal partnership to finalize a plan that is both innovative and environmentally sensitive site.

UK extends perpendicular to the main volume of the concrete core, coated with a thin transparent photovoltaic panels. It is believed that this source of energy for the system to give a large part of the building's electrical needs, some evidence suggests that at certain times of the year, with an energy surplus to the needs of the building, and can then generate the residents extra income of the tower.
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Primary School construction-savvy design in Les Cabanyes, Spain

Designed by primary school Arqtel construction-savvy design, located in the Cabanyes, Spain. This primary school by drawing bright Arqtel generate a dialogue with its environment, not only by its spatial composition and tectonic architecture, but also by its volumetric orientation. As a result, the program optimizes functional building at the same time it focuses on aspects of lighting, orientation and quality of space generated.

Maintaining a presence Land-building brings a sense of order on the site and is a milestone among the buildings and surrounding fields. Its north-south opens into a flow diagram looks like a comb, alternating play between full and empty spaces that characterize the whole. The superposition of facades make an intention to create a dynamic and modern.
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Student Residence, Commercial Spaces Provide A Buffer Against An Intimate Hideaways In Residence In Paris, New

Student residence, shared space provides a buffer between intimate hideaways of the new college designed by LAN Architecture is located in Paris, France. The façade overlooking the busy street, dressed in dark, slate-colored walls, while the Plaza area is covered with larch planning folding shutters. All surfaces in the courtyard are encapsulated within the flexible material.

An essential element of this construction was the creation of rooms for students who could make their own decisions, with natural light and space for social life. Therefore, all panels are oriented to receive sunlight to work actively with large windows facing the courtyard and common areas like hallways become "collective spaces where social gatherings could occur." All rooms are 18 square meters of space, on average, a kitchen and a bathroom.
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Zaldívar Clinica San Salvador

Clinica Zaldívar, located in San Salvador, El Salvador, was designed by JP Alvarez. The exterior is maintained at a range of limited material, which forms and spaces can be found deeper, plans to achieve the complex spatial effects, where overland flow continuously. The design contrasts smooth walls with a circumference of monotonous texture rustic architectural concrete walls exposed.

Upon entering the clinic just met a wall of water where the water cascades down the side of a pond. Are strategically placed skylights and vertical wooden panels that block traffic areas of the patients, creating interesting shadows. Working within the existing installation of 600 square meters, Zaldivar Clinic offers multiple VIP passes, allowing discrete arrivals, personal attention, and the fall of the outside world to relax and recuperate in a luxury accommodation.
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Memorial Sloan-Kettering Mortimer B. Zuckerman

Located in New York were the United States, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Mortimer B. Zuckerman Research Center, designed by Skidmore, Owings and Merrill. Situated securely on the edge of the crystal is the small round red brick church of St. Catherines, rich dark tones repeated in a central column that runs the length and height of building comprehensive research, which is actually bond project "in its context." In direct contrast to the shadow of this screen to open joints in masonry is a big part of the research building is composed of nothing but the glass at different levels of transparency. This protects not only the volume of users of the harsh glare of the sun, but it also creates a glow spotted when the building is lit at night.
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