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AStudio Implementing Micro-scale Technology "renewal" At The Macro Level In London, United Kingdom

Designed by AStudio Architecture, AStudio implementing micro-scale technology of "renewal" in the macro is in London, UK. In AStudio, the company focused on the city's future development through the reuse of existing structures, development of new materials technology (with its links with the University of Greenwich Group avatar), for example, technologies that generate biofuels life, and the master plan for the future shape of cities. This research is motivated by the desire to integrate work in collaboration with developers, construction of existing buildings, the optimization of client assets, reducing their carbon footprint and, more importantly, the philosophy driving the way to mitigate the damage to the planet's limited resources.
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Ames Hotel, Renovated 19th Century Building To Embrace The 21 St Century As A Luxury Hotel In Boston, USA

Ames Hotel, to renovate the building from 19 to include the 21 century as a luxury hotel designed by Rockwell Group is based in Boston, USA. The lobby features a marble mosaic tile original vaulted ceilings and a dramatic marble staircase and brass. Scattered around the lobby are original works of art to the site, such as a candlestick of thousands of reflective discs hanging on the floor of the son, and a wall behind the abstract ceramic reception area composed of several pieces of porcelain Poured by hand.

Stop the pressure on the hotel's restaurant on two floors is also a contrast of times, the fusion of historical context, with a touch of modern dandy. Woodward called the name of a tavern that belonged to the author of the Almanac of Nathaniel Ames. The main feature of the restaurant is the "cabinet of curiosities" in the second floor, a shelf of Victorian style in the entire dining area is organized with over 200 hand-selected objects of inspiration. Windsor chairs, epoxy high gloss white, are scattered throughout the restaurant, complementing the wooden walls washed in a milky glaze.
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Chrome Hotel Sculptural Use Of Space To Do Their Unique Hotel With Sanjay Puri Architects In Kolkata, India

Chrome Hotel sculptural use of space to make their hotel situated in Kolkata, India, was designed by Sanjay Puri Architects. Facing a busy road artery in the city and flanked by commercial buildings on both sides of a residential building in the back, there was a small piece of land to build a business hotel with a height restriction of 24 m. The hotel is planned in eight levels of occupation of public space of three and four floors of rooms above a bar lounge on the roof upstairs.

Levels of rooms are identified by a white block on the right, forming a wedge into the front corner of the hotel, which has a suite on each level overlooking a schoolyard in the overview on the road. The building thus relates to its environment in terms of planning and creating a distinct identity that smaller hotels.
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Show Low Library In Arizona, United States

Located in Arizona, Show Low Library was designed by Bulfinch Shepherd. Striding forward in one of the fastest growing communities in Arizona, City of Show Low White Mountains area has a highly variable number of residents. Town of 8000 permanent population has almost doubled during the period of months, residents of nearby cities of Tucson and Phoenix high sunspot flock to bask in the glow of heating.

Like a great neighborhood, it was decided that Show Low had a great need for a center, a corporate center where the community can meet and socialize with permanent and seasonal residents. Bulfinch Pastor local practice (formerly known as merzproject Architecture + Urban Design) was selected to start a two-part plan to improve streets, creating a state of the art collection of the land and the transformation of the existing library building in great City.
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ETA Back To Nature By Improving Technology And Building Systems With The Wood Of Local Origin In Vancouver, Canada

Designed by Lubor Trubka Associates Architects, Lubor Trubka Associates Architects, based in Vancouver, Canada. LTA plans for specific projects and steel, but the creative passion for technology and society is to bring challenging projects that give the opportunity to promote the interests of the technical viability of building a wooden base even more.

To demonstrate the commitment of the ETA and passion to develop the culture of wooden architecture in British Columbia, they chose two completed projects and two are in phase of design and research. tree architecture, if properly designed and constructed, is not only appropriate but also very beneficial to any project size and function. This broad scope is shown in the selection of projects, ranging from the size of a mountain chalet with a private Olympic size ice arena.
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Homeless World Cup Legacy Center In Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

The Homeless World Cup Legacy Center Arquitetos LOMPRET designed by Nolte, Nanda Eskes Arquitetura and Architecture for Humanity is located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The committee consists of a project in two phases: first, a community center, on the contrary, an education center to address the activities of NGOs Bola Pra Frente. The first phase was designed as a ramp-shaped building, which provides support to cultural activities. There is also access to the second part of the project.

For the conclusion of the square, the architects to collaborate with the community. Recyclable materials will be used, including residues of local industries. The second phase of the project is still under development and will be supplemented by fundraising.

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Christodora Penthouse In New York By The Architect Lyn Rice

Christodora Penthouse was designed by Lyn Rice Architects, and is in New York According to the architects, the renovation of this apartment "involved to clarify and update the equipment and space for logic programming. The penthouse in the north, an area winter is a warm and intimate home organized around existing housing. Transitions in the Southern Zone was a loft, more designed to accommodate large gatherings and is accessible through a bar-wall thickening contains a wine storage bar while hiding the new service and storage areas that serve the formal dining room next door. As shown in the auditorium focuses more on the table Billyard. if this room has been specially designed with a modern and elegant. The wall was designed with gray panels that create a sense of luxury in the rooms and compliance with the kitchen section Billyard together to play like the atmosphere of a luxury hotel.

Kitchen near the meeting room will allow you to prepare everything for the wine comrades Bill Yard.

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Design Beautiful Apartment In Paris By Frederic Flanquart

Paris specially designed this apartment very clean design and unique. By inserting vlafon wood accents in the house to look transparent. Created an atmosphere of calm to a room that was so clean style. In the living room on the balcony will make you feel comfortable and can enjoy the atmosphere outside the room from the balcony. On the stairs to the ground floor is a small library that allows you to find the books you want. Included in the kitchen table bar that bind to the space center to bring together a harmonious environment. Rooms in the design within their initial design looked good. And when the night in every corner there is a light purple gives a beautiful light effects at night. The Loft of innocents is an apartment in search of inspiration and admiration in Paris, designed by Frederick Flanquart after an accidental fire destroyed the interior parts of the former.

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