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Mayavee New Villa In Thailand

Designed by Tierra Design Pty Ltd, is Villa Mayavee new villa located in coastal headlands of Phuket, Thailand. The wing of three, four levels of form in the shape of "Z" of the building, located in the middle of the site, to create three different spatial experiences. Local real estate developments paved terrace granite walls are extended to merge into the site, where he finished one podium finish and a pond for a residence permit. With the building alive flew above, is a court designed by the landscape and the guest wing.

Limestone walls covered by their common horizontal force expressive beauty and clarity of the decision of the sea, according to the desire of the client for an approach based on the building. Interpretation of the traditional type of Thai houses with separate pavilions, but to have a unit as a whole, the living wing, connected by a glass spiral staircase in the pond, which is distinct from the complex.
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Amagansett New Family House

Amagansett House, designed by Francois de Menil Architect PC in New York, USA. Its roots are in eastern Long Island explorations modernist design during 1950 and 1960, Amagansett House an example of simplicity and energy savings in its resolution of the client and the handicaps. Poetry is a house with his low-key, simple shape and lines that create a sense of serenity, in line with the site.

Amagansett home is designed for a family with two small children. Customers have requested a ground floor three bedroom modern house with natural light and air and a feeling of lightness. Adjacent to freshwater wetlands and is located in a FEMA flood zone, the three bedroom house situated on one third of an acre area adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean. House Amagansett has energy efficiency targets, as evidenced by an east-west plan, high insulation R-value anywhere, cross ventilation from the high windows, roof and shutters overlooking deep and the sun lack of air conditioning.
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The Residence At Canyon Los Angeles

Designed by architects Lehrer, The Residence Canyon is located in Los Angeles, USA. Horizontal and vertical viewing slots are incorporated throughout the house, which is sight lines to all good to all points of view. Spectacular and one with nature, it is steel frame construction covered with smooth white stucco walls and expanses of sliding glass that literally opens onto the garden and woods, and pedestrians roof that opens visually the sky. Powered by spatial clarity and information of any interior / exterior design exhibits intense gravity horizontal / vertical, with the large-scale single-family residence arranged on two levels: the horizontal base of the terrace which extends into the private garden the living room on the ground floor and the spine vertical connecting and organizing different parts of the construction program.
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City Harvest

City Harvest, an alternative light for the city of Haiti in an economic crisis, designed by Ahearn Schopfer is located in Port-au-Prince. Focus on four main channels built on the outskirts of four floors housing complexes. Exterior design is essentially the "one acre" crop circles with a secondary input channels, while the internal "port" is a house in the city center, schools, governmental services, the community and the general market. The entire complex is mobile and has a cable attached to the seabed.

Because of its low profile, low deadweight capacity of the project and wave attenuators perimeter, designer suggests, hurricanes and typhoons will have little effect other than the collection of water harvesting has great need. A breakwater will be built to add to the stability of the city. (Note that this proposal intends to use all debris concrete rubble of the earthquake filling the breakwater that the.)
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Spell Rides Residence Agricultural

Stavrides residence, agricultural strongholds located in Nicosia, Cyprus, was designed by Armeftis & Associates. The basic concept is derived from the need for a contemporary building in a dialogue that corresponds to the vernacular "makrinari" (a building with all the functions contained in a volume longitudinal) and Mesaoria plains. The building is divided into two linear functions on each floor with the private sector at the top and the public at the bottom.

The structure was placed along the highway that will take place across the spectrum from a distance. The fundamental objective was to administer the grant of shadows and air flow, thus maximizing the outdoor activity, the use of its inhabitants. The covered terrace on the south side is the main feature of the house, allowing the flow of fresh wind in the west to filter through.
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Waipolu Gallery And Studio In Hawaii

Located in Hawaii, United States, Waipolu Gallery and Studio has been designed by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson. The direction is on, and carefully positioned setae mitigate the tropical sun. Along one edge of the steeply sloping site, a bar of concrete, glass and stainless steel, defines a linear space study. The three horizontal trays with separate guest quarters, home office and art display and storage. Two building elements are joined by a glass bridge that hovers on a square tube stone staircase that connects all three levels. March natural embankment offers every level of your subscription order. After the topography of the landscape in conjunction with a new frame building, the existing house and garage.
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Kitchen Furniture Decor

System, modern kitchen with modern furniture, home furniture for your home interior design and decorating ideas.

When you compare with the aesthetics of technology. Designed by Tisettanta Design Lab, the production of Italian furniture, kitchen system soybeans provide an open space for the design of kitchen that rejecting the usual differences between the kitchen and living room. The combination of shapes and volumes that will change the composition of a freedom of movement of success and a kitchen with a modern interior.

With its large area, fat, hi hi-tech materials such as steel finishes interspersed with typical furniture contemporary furniture, kitchen system of soybean also offer the true characteristics of an environment that enjoys this and the future.
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Home Storage Systems Furniture Condor

Hammel flexible storage systems home furniture gives you the freedom to express your personal style, if you need to store is fine ceramics, theater, fashion magazines, or something completely different storage furniture in the offices of House DVD storage, CD cabinets or other storage media of communication.

Home Storage Systems Condor from Hammel is rich in atmosphere. It is designed for people like you, people who surround themselves with things they love, rather tahnk the latest trends. Georgeous wood surfaces are combined with features like solid packing, wooden handles and clear glass. A consistent appearance only divert attention from the many things that can save you.

Certain images / photos homemade instant storage systems furniture Hammel Condor for inspiration.
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Architecture + Design Asynsis

Designed by Nigel Anthony reading with Arup and Aedas, Asynsis Architecture + Design, horizontal wheel is located in Hong Kong, China. It is designed as an icon of sustainability due to its use of renewable wind, tidal and solar, and to be carbon neutral by offsetting carbon footprint of the building by planting trees in arid, drought-stricken areas in China. Hong Kong is likely to be a global hub for carbon trading, which combines the tower "Zhong" the Chinese character and "Phi" Greek letter represents the success of the "merger" of "one country - two systems", so immediately becomes a natural part of Hong Kong and viability as a symbolic identity must be the same as the Eiffel Tower is to Paris and the London Eye in London.
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Timberline Retreat Drawings Located In Melbourne, Australia

Designs a set of retired wood designed by architects Sally Draper is located in Melbourne, Australia. Westernport House is situated on a bluff forests around Westernport Bay. It celebrates the idea of ​​retirement, relaxation and "a simpler life in a busy family in Melbourne, their families and friends. The house is developed as an abstract sculpture layer rectangular and flat. On the side of the Street, overlap to provide a protective outer layer of the secret house.

The dichotomy between the elevation of the street and the north controlled by the more stylized look of the house reflects the aspirations of the two clients: a desire for privacy and solitude and an expression of welcome, inclusive and generous Italian Cultural context. A summer kitchen, pizza oven and a covered terrace for bottling wine and cooking tomato sauce annual crops in the garden. While the proper functioning of large groups of family and friends of the family is most comfortable for one partner, the configuration of zoning that allows you to be both big and intimate at different times.
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The New State-of-the-art Emergency Department In Santa Barbara, United States

The new state-of-the-art emergency department that is located in Santa Barbara, United States, was designed by architects HFP. Central station personnel have been developed over the visibility of the control of all inputs and trauma facilities. Secondary personal position was created in the northern corridor of personal communication. One of the receptionists and triage nurse greeted the arrival of each patient's room when they arrived at the ED, the triage nurse and taken immediately and the patient is given the patient's room, based on his / her analysis of severity of the patient's disease.

The concept was a scenario with no patient waiting and fast throughput rapid diagnostic results, shortening the length of patient stay. In addition, two isolation rooms have been developed with the device. One of the receiving yards /, allows the nurse to admit the patient to an isolation room without contaminating the interior of the emergency room.
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