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Dining Table, Contemporary Furniture Attractive Versatile Radar

This dining table Alivar works from one of Italy’s most prestigious maker of contemporary furniture & has been on the leading edge of contemporary furniture design for years. Base metals can be lacquered white or black, & the struts of laser cut steel or chrome white lacquered tables. Available sizes 137cm & 150cm 120cm across. Finally the availability of some amazing finish, including liquid lamination, white or marble Michelangelo Calcutta, Calcutta gold marble, Marquinia black & white acrylic stones – new evidence Alivar’s stain, non-porous, smooth material that is suitable for the dinner table.

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Outdoor Pod For Contemporary Brands Nestrest Gentle Rocking

This pod is a design from french designer pouzet daniel and frety fred, objects shaped water droplets, which sits on the ground or hanging from a tree provides the user with a remote place that enwraps body and shelter the people in it. when hanging in the air, gently swaying organic module, move with the body or the wind. woven fibers made ??of thick, pod – both contemporary and exotic in aesthetics – become camouflaged with the surrounding natural environment.

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