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Apartment Modern and Functional Appearance

Private residence in Oslo, Norway has a new design of apartment buildings of six floors from the 19th century, returned to the headquarters of contemporary and representative for the Boston Consulting Group. The facade and main staircase of the building is listed and therefore protected from change, challenging customer demands. apatemen is the latest design of the Boston Consulting Group, which has a different style to other apartments. Above the reception is open on the top floor of the building of two rooms - high. The wall behind the reception and was equipped with backlit glass prism. Light glass prism was also held between the offices to create a sense of openness. Interaction between the glass walls of the old and new windows have an interior in which the building's history becomes clear and blends with modern design.

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Architecture Design House Hotel, Renovation

The house to the old style, but the interiors do not seem ... Located in West Seattle, 1903 the house has suffered from a sensitive renovation of 30 years before the reconstruction in 1998. Magazine Street façade has historically been more sympathetic, when freedom is taken at a height of 180 degrees lainnya.bRumah overlooking Puget Sound and the spectacular view of downtown Seattle. The interior is configured to recognize this point of view by turning the large window, fireplace, cable and lighting for the central axis of the internal details Seattle.bPara a stylized version of the traditional partner. Tile floors and counters, bamboo floors and painted walls and trim offer a simple backdrop for the views, which are key to this house.

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Interior Hotel Grims Grenka Modern

The designers understand the quality of structure and creating a focus on quality materials and modern design, giving a feeling of luxury and sensual. Natural materials like stone, wood and leather used in combination with the surface of the glass cloth and painted. Add to this a special "Norway" features such as motifs from nature and the traditional folk art lights and sound signal raindeer "Moss Garden" at the reception. This makes the hotel a unique experience that combines elements of international and Norwegian in new contexts. If you are staying in a hotel room is definitely the next time you come back here.

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Shelf Storage Furniture Design

Made in Italy, simple, creative and light wall shelf storage furniture design for your house or home office interior design and decorating ideas.
Designed by Mauro Canfori, the wall shelf storage TEEbooks offer you simple design furniture to put your books, dvd, and CDs in home, your living room, a space for your TV set, a piece of furniture for the bedroom, hallway and even for the bathroom interior. Its a new wall system storage furniture that becomes invisible when books and other items are placed on it.
The TEEbooks wall shelf storage collection is available in its several different shelves : Chicane, Lineare, Judd, Symetrique, Grande Mixte and Double Croix. Each of it has its own different character :
  • Chicane because you like pure and original moves
  • Lineaire because you choose the linearity to exploit the surface of your wall
  • Judd because you believe in minimalism and it makes you think about the work of the artist Donald JUDD
  • Symetrique because you need a small console to put the light or something else on or even the TV set
  • Grande Mixte because you do have a big wall and you do have lots of books, but you also need a small console to put a jar on and a small but useful drawer
  • Double Croix because you are attracted to strong symbols
Another additional information from the designer :
“Tee, in the words of a golfer is the T-shaped support that is stuck into the ground on which the ball is placed to get started on golfing. It is driven into the ground to make it almost invisible. It is of a fundamental importance, but only as a support “to serve the ball.”I designed TEEbooks following the same principle, a shelf meant to enhance books, DVDs or CDs, in a simple and discreet spirit. When books are placed on the shelf, it becomes invisible and attention is only focused on “our friends”, the books, DVDs and CDs. Those latter design the wall. TEEbooks, the discreet and invisible item. To the flashy design, I prefer the quiet, plain, sober and discreet one. To the “sensational” (and often useless) item, I prefer the simple and useful object, dedicated to an action, or as in my case, to another object.”

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