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A house made of wood with minimalist modern architecture. An impressive model of modern architecture in Manhattan Beach, southwest of Los Angeles, California. A modern minimalist Woodhouse is a solution for the status of the land site for thought, a small circle of 420 square meters to be converted into a modern dwelling. A minimalist design small garden in the middle of the floor plan, flanked by the children's room on one side and a bedroom on the other side.

Designed by Rockefeller Partners Architects, California, office, home design minimalist, white walls aggravate the forest, the use of heat and away from nearby houses. The three-level residence captures the role of the ocean, to enhance the modern appeal.

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Don’t you love Tuesdays? I get excited about Tuesdays now that we have our Cottage of the Week featured here. I love the simplicity of the cottages I find. I read a comment the other day where this lovely reader said she enjoyed seeing and dreaming with the big houses I post here, but she gets even more inspired with the cottages because they have realistic size and decor. I couldn’t agree more! I totally understand that. I love seeing houses that make us dream, the kitchens that make us want to demolish the ones we have and start all over again, but nothing speaks more to my heart than cozy places where everything feels so uncomplicated.

The cottage is surrounded by nature. Everything feels so peaceful.
I really hope you guys enjoyed this cottage. These places keep reminding me to slow down a bit and to create a cottage-y-like spot in my own house, where everything feels simple and very cozy. 
Have a wonderful day!
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